A little something about me!


A design enthusiast building Brand Strategies, Identities, and everything design. Aligning the goals of the brand to the needs of their customers aka. creating brand experiences with personality. You can often find me illustrating for my Instagram page or binging on Youtube videos in my free time. 👩🏽‍💻


Graduated from Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune. Design has always been and continues to be a huge influence in just about every area of my life. It’s in what I wear, how I live, and just about all the little things around me.

My skills include Branding, Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Brand Guidelines, Packaging, User Interface Design, Website Design, and Mobile App Design. But if you have something new one the plate, I would be happy to hear it out 🧡


Unilodgers (San Francisco & Gurgaon)

Senior Graphic Designer

June 2020 - present

Having learned at my previous company how to form brands, identities, and strategies, at Unilodgers it was time to implement these at a much bigger scale and gain brand awareness and growth.

Bakheda.Pvt.Ltd (Singapore & Delhi)

Mid-level Graphic Designer and Art Director

Feb 2019 - January 2020

Joining Bakheda opened a ton of opportunities in design. I was forced to not only think like a designer but also a writer, strategist, comedian and what not? I art directed the assets for Snapchat India (creating filters & stickers). We worked on branding and advertising events, companies, festivals, etc. The merger of two major companies Paytm & Insider and creating a systematic branding system for them was one of the key projects I worked on. 

Inshorts.Pvt.Ltd, Noida

Graphic Designer

May 2017 - January 2019

My task here was to design news in a fun and eye-catching manner for Inpix, a byproduct of Inshorts. From a little typography to discovering my love for collages, there was a lot I worked and learned through these designs. Worked closely with different designers to create the vision, conceive designs, and consistently meet deadlines and requirements.


Apart from that, I had an added responsibility as a Team Leader. I had to effectively coordinate all the designers to meet all design requirements and make sure things run smoothly throughout the day. I also had to arrange small fun design activities for team building every week. 

GreenGoose Design, Delhi

Intern Graphic Designer

Dec 2016 - March 2017

Here I acquired a lot of practical knowledge of Branding & Packaging. I majorly assisted in creating the packaging for Biotique Perfumes. I also suggested branding for various small companies.