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MedPay is a technology company building an AI-powered platform that connects healthcare service providers like Doctors, Pharmacies, and Diagnostic centers to insurers

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Worked closely with start-up MedPay to develop a brand strategy, visual identity, and tone of voice that positions them as a medical caregiver who believes that medical care should be accessible and affordable to every person regardless of their status. MedPay wants to reduce the out-of-pocket healthcare expenses by building India’s largest connected care network.

They help the Outpatient Department (OPD) getting organized while assisting insurance companies and other businesses to design and operate better OPD health plans and thus bringing down the Out-of-Pocket expense. They do this through our AI technology which connects healthcare service providers to healthcare insurers.


The new identity reflects our brand strategy where we believe medical care should be easily accessible to every person regardless of their status. The symbol represents a happy person with raised hands which reflects the idea of happiness MedPay brings in our lives. It is simple, to the point, and minimal. Its circular dots also represents the idea of connectedness which ties down to MedPay building to India's largest integrated Primary Healthcare Network.

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Designer: Akanksha Chandel | Illustrator: Isha Dhiman

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